vendredi, février 16, 2007

It Will Find You

The lonesome hotspot of reflection,
the dog-eared corner of regret,
the shattered mouth of indecision,
will crash through solid walls to find you,
It will come and find you yet.

the draping rag of melancholy,
the limping dog of chance and loss,
the overwhelming stench of cowardice,
will ever seek and ruthless hound you,
it will someday your path cross.

And would you like to chance upon it,
the bird of love, the crown of peace?
And would you build your dreams around it,
that all your sorrow someday cease?

Joy is faster than the fastest raven,
Love runs harder than the sun,
Peace is but a shadowed whisper,
you may beg and beg it hover;
but its race is never done.